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For many people, white, nicely shaped teeth are a token of physical fitness, proof of their attractiveness and self-confidence. They are a beauty ideal of our times. Whether it’s about selecting your partner or making an impression in your career: it’s only once that you can make a first impression. People who come across as badly groomed often won’t get a second chance. Here we will help you to fulfil your personal (dental) dream. For this, we have developed a 6-step-concept which we will individually tailor to suit each patient in order to achieve an ideal treatment.




Healthy teeth your whole life long

Today, focussed prophylaxis can help keep teeth healthy all life long, to a very advanced age. In order to counteract the most important illnesses of the oral cavity like caries and gingival inflammations (parodontitis), effective oral hygiene at home and a healthy diet are important requirements. However, they will normally not suffice. Persistent deposits and bacterial films (plaque) located on hard-to-reach dental surfaces call for additional professional dental cleaning performed in the dentist’s practice.



White teeth without remorse – bleaching in practice, with Zoom

White teeth look nice and help people laugh without a second thought. But although bleaching is believed to be easy, it is also easy to do something wrong. Performed incorrectly, bleaching may damage dental nerves (dental pulp) and the gums (gingiva). That’s why we recommend to have bleaching performed only by experts, in a dental practice. Then it is a very good process to achieve more beautiful teeth. Our bleaching expert Grit Berger has more than 10 years’ experience in bleaching, and is a master at handling even the most state-of-the-art techniques.Read more


3Ceramic inlays

Dental inlay: prefect for your smile

The teeth are some of the most important parts of the body. Ideally, they are to last a whole life long. And teeth are subjected to enormous strains: daily usage wears them off, bad dental care and genetic disposition also play an important role. The dream of a brilliant white set of teeth often enough does not conform to reality. Consuming alcohol, caffeine and nicotine may lead to unbecoming enamel staining. A frequent result: yellow teeth and caries. Once caries has set in and destroyed a tooth, it is important to act at once in order to save the remaining dental substance: the caries cavity must be cleaned and hollowed out. The cavity gets filled, and for this, so-called inlays are well-suited. “Inlay” is the term for a special kind of filling. It gets made to measure by a dental technician so that it perfectly fills the respective cavity in the tooth. The inlay gets then directly set into the tooth.Read more



Veneers, also called facing shells, ceramic shells or covers, are very thin, individually made ceramic facets which get permanently bonded to the visible surface of frontal teeth, or less frequently the side teeth. The aim is to achieve a visually attractive improvement of the dentition or of individual teeth.Read more


5White fillings

Plastic fillings (composite fillings) are used to treat caries defects in the front and side area. They have the same colour as the surrounding teeth. When still mouldable (plastic), they get inserted into the cavity where they harden chemically by polymerization.Read more


6Invisalign – the invisible brackets

Normally, misaligned teeth get adjusted when a teenager. Often, however, the teeth move again to an undesirable position later, and adults then may long for straight teeth again. This is when a correction with invisible brackets comes into play.Read more

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