Parodontitis: the Enemy in My Mouth


Scientific studies show that today, about 70% of all people over the age of 35 suffer from different forms of gum inflammation (parodontitis). More teeth are lost due to medical conditions affecting the supporting bone structure than due to caries. Even worse: an untreated parodontitis is regarded as a risk for overall health – especially for diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases – and may cause premature delivery.

Different individuals have a different risk of suffering from parodontitis. Early detection is the best means to avoid parodontitis or to stop it at an early stage entirely. State-of-the-art bacteria testing methods help to determine one’s individual risk and to find the appropriate therapy. Using modern therapy concepts may effectively prevent premature loss of teeth.



In the early stages, parodontitis is usually painless. These may be indicators for an illness of the periodontium:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen and reddened gums
  • Receding gums
  • Sensitive tooth necks

  • Unpleasant breath odour (halitosis)
  • Suppurating gingival pockets
  • Loosened teeth


Parodontitis treatment

Most of the time, an existing parodontitis can be stopped by systemic treatment. For this, we have developed a 5-step programme:

1Examination and consultation

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2Micro-biological diagnostics

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3Initial phase / hygiene phase

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4Intermediate check (re-evaluation)

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5Follow-up care

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Please keep your appointment by all means!

Regular follow-up appointments are your safeguard against recidivism – otherwise the condition might come back and continue its destructive work on your periodontium.

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