Professional Dental Cleaning

_MG_6380-3Healthy teeth your whole life long

Today, focussed prophylaxis can help keep teeth healthy all life long, to a very advanced age. In order to counteract the most important illnesses of the oral cavity like caries and gingival inflammations (parodontitis), effective oral hygiene at home and a healthy diet are important requirements. However, they will normally not suffice. Persistent deposits and bacterial films (plaque) located on hard-to-reach dental surfaces call for additional professional dental cleaning performed in the dentist’s practice.Read more

What constitutes a professional dental cleaning?

The professional dental cleaning starts with a thorough inspection of the oral cavity and the dental system. The oral hygiene situation and existing deposits, plaque or bleeding are noted. The type and amount of plaque, plaque recesses e.g. due to misaligned teeth or artificial dentition, early or advanced stages of periodontal pockets – they all determine the next steps of the subsequent professional dental cleaning.Read more

How often should you have professional dental cleaning?

Duration and frequency of professional dental cleaning sessions strongly depend on the individual situation and the risk of developing illnesses like caries or parodontitis. One session every six months as part of the general prophylaxis session is a usual timeframe, if the risk of developing caries or parodontitis is low and the propensity for soft or hard plaque is not very pronounced. It’s different once periodontal pockets exist or there are adverse oral hygiene conditions or a strong propensity for hard, mineralised deposits or ungainly discolorations. In such cases, more frequent sessions may make sense or even be necessary.Read more

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