Painless Treatment

A child should experience treatment without any pain, if at all possible. In order to assure this, we have a large array of very good and proven methods at our disposal.

_MG_7034-3Local anaesthesia – a teensy nap for toothy pegs!

These days, nearly every intervention is accompanied by local anaesthesia. Most kids don’t even realise this, since we first apply a tasty anaesthetic (“sleepy jam”) to the tooth surface. In contrast to adult teeth, the mucous membrane does not get anaesthetised so that your kid will be spared the tedious feeling of numbness. Eating and drinking is possible directly after the treatment.

Laughing gas – magic air makes everything easier!

Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) will lead the child into a light, relaxed state. Fear and tensions get relieved, pain perception is reduced. Thanks to the euphoric feeling, the child will have a positive experience during treatment. In the words of one of our young patients: “I think it will feel like this when I’m in heaven”, and another said: “I always feel so warm and snug.” The children are administered a mix of laughing gas and oxygen via a small nose mask that even has a good smell. They stay fully conscious and responsive. After the treatment, they are up to normal right away.

Sedation – start the adventure journey with sleepy juice!

The “sleepy juice” will transport the child into a slight doziness. Fear is greatly reduced. Children start out on an adventurous journey during the course of which they can experience the treatment as play and without any pain. Safety is our top concern: an experienced anaesthesiologist monitors the entire session, and thus even very small or very fearsome patients can be treated in a pleasant yet effective way. As a rule, the child will forget the treatment (amnesia) and will not be able to remember it afterwards. That’s why this kind of procedure is the method of choice for more uncomfortable interventions in order to save the child from having a negative experience.

Anaesthesia – and when you wake up, all teeth will again be brilliantly white!

If the child is very young or if a great number of teeth have already been destroyed by caries, anaesthesia during the dental treatment may make sense or even be unavoidable in some cases. Before the intervention, the parents will be personally given advice and information by us and the anaesthesiologist. In some cases, the anaesthesiologist may want to examine the young children beforehand. Our entire team is attuned to handling such treatments and to making them as easy as possible on parents and kids alike. Professionalism and safety are of paramount importance for us.

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