When to Take Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time?

Good advice starting with the first baby tooth

Many parents ask themselves when to schedule the first dentist’s appointment for their child. The answer is straightforward: When the first baby child has arrived. The main point here is a well-founded consultation about your child’s dental health. In a relaxed atmosphere, parents can experience playfully and together with their child which part they can play in keeping their child’s teeth healthy.

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All parents want to do what’s best for their child. And the best thing for teeth is to never develop an issue in the first place. This starts with explaining about a diet that’s healthy for the teeth and goes all the way to giving practical tips about how best to brush the teeth.

BreastfeedingBreast-feeding and healthy teeth

Many mothers ask themselves whether breast-feeding is good for the teeth. Our reassuring answer: breast-feeding has always been the best way to feed a baby. Special attention should be given to oral hygiene as soon as the first tooth has erupted. The same holds true for the milk bottle at night. It should be avoided to permanently suck on drinks containing lactose or sugar, since those would greatly increase the risk to develop caries.

Snacking – how much is OK?

Everybody, and especially children, loves sweet food and snacks. But: less is more, a complete ban will achieve little. Children have to be accompanied on their way towards a healthy diet and conscious enjoyment. Snacks are OK, but a surfeit of sweets and junk food will not only result in sick teeth. As to dental care: brush the teeth after each meal! And when away from home, a dental chewing gum will do the trick.


Assistance when brushing the teeth

Practically all parents support their children in brushing their teeth. This support should take place depending on the child’s motor skills and cognitive skills. In our experience, children will need support all through grade school. During this time, our tooth brushing school is there to accompany them. There, we teach kids the right and efficient way to handle a toothbrush, and we do it in a playful manner.


Fluoridation and children’s toothpaste: good advice for healthy teeth

Parents are faced with an incredible amount of information about the “right way” to feed, rear, and care for their children and to promote their development. We are often asked about what a children’s toothpaste should be able to do, and about fluoridation. Once again, the individual well-being of the young patient is our guiding line. From a dentistry point of view, it may be necessary to administer fluoride – as tablets or as a fluoride toothpaste. Nearly all children should use the latter. We are happy to advise you about which form is appropriate for your child.

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