Dental Injuries

More than half of all children and teenagers are affected


One child in two will at least once in their young lives be the victim of a dental injury. Not only while riding their bike, but also while playing hockey, in a public swimming pool, on a kickboard, on inline skates or simply when running around or grappling with other kids. Most of the time, teachers and parents are overwhelmed by the initial shock. Often, the child sees a dentist only hours after the accident, and frequently, alas, the dentist doesn’t know how to properly handle the injured child nor how to perform a therapy aimed at keeping the affected tooth or teeth.

Injuries of milk teeth (dislocations, enamel fractures)

Such injuries are pretty common, especially with kids between 2 and 4.Read more


Injuries of permanent teeth

Act right and fast when teeth are broken (off).

If the injury affects a permanent tooth, mostly one of the upper front teeth, right and fast action is decisive. Most of the time, parents are not around when the accident happens, so it is particularly important for children and supervising personnel to be well informed of how to behave in such an emergency.Read more


Knocking out a whole tooth (avulsion) – 5 decisive minutes

Often, dental injuries are not harmless at all, and in a worst case scenario, the tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth. These accidents occur mostly with children between 8 and 12.Read more


The best thing to happen to knocked-out teeth: the emergency box

The tooth needs to be placed into the dental emergency box Dentosafe – ideally within five minutes, but after 20 minutes at the latest. Then, go see a dentist immediately!Read more


Better than treatment: protection! Dental protection for high-risk sports

Dental protectors are capable of reliably protecting athletes against dental injuries. They are particularly recommended for these types of sport: basketball, ice hockey, handball, hockey, martial arts. We will be happy to advise you on this topic.


A beaming smile, even after the accident

For many people, a white, brilliant smile is of great importance. When teeth get injured in an accident, this does not mean that the person will be disfigured or impaired for the rest of their life. Correct action at the site of the accident; directly going to a children’s dentist; and progressive, state-of-the-art children’s dentistry all contribute to obtaining a satisfactory result.


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