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Mobile dentistry for those in need of care
Dentistry in care homes

A better diet – greater self-esteem – better quality of life for elderly patients and those in need of care

A good diet is enormously important for staying fit and healthy, especially in old age. Dentures that do not fit properly may cause toothache, restrict the amount of food you can eat or prevent you eating altogether. As a result, the elderly person whose dentures do not fit ends up suffering and the nursing home staff need to do more to care for that person. Logistics and health conditions often make it impossible for people in need of care to visit their dentist. Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and colleagues, Kronberg, has developed a mobile treatment service to help here.

The solution is mobile dentistry

Treating elderly patients at care homes

We bring our high-tech practice to your care home. Your residents will undergo treatment in an environment that they trust, and will have access to all the same dental services that we provide at our practice. High-quality, gentle dental services for elderly patients with a great deal of compassion and heart! Patients are chaperoned by care assistants, resident doctors, specialist doctors, and relatives during consultations with the mobile dentist and while undergoing treatment. We have everything we need with us – and can provide patients with gentle, safe and transparent treatment.

The armchair, wheelchair, or the bed can be turned into the dentist’s chair where needed. We get to know our patients by spending a great deal of time with them and by providing them with explanations about all our treatments in lay terms. We will explain the results of each examination in great detail. If they need to undergo further treatment, we will speak with the patient, yourself and/or the care assistant. We will only arrange further care home appointments with your consent.

The advantages of mobile dentists

Dentistry for elderly patients


Undergo treatment in a trusted environment


Healthy teeth and better quality of life for your residents

  • Quick and pain-free
  • Improve your diet
  • Better medication
  • Better speech quality

Dentistry with a heart


Reduce the amount of money you spend making visits to the doctor

  • A mobile, high-tech dental practice for your residents, complete with a range of treatments.

Dentistry in care homes


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  • Upgrading your care home's services to include on-site dental treatment

Treating elderly patients at care homes


An efficient process which requires very little input from your staff

  • and which involves the patient, their family, care staff and, where applicable, nurses

Our range of treatments

Preventative care / Dental check-ups

Advice for elderly patients and care staff on how to care for your teeth and gums, including

rapid assistance with denture problems

Clean dentures help to support your health

Professional teeth cleaning

A focus on gum disease

Denture cleaning

Clean dentures help to support your health


Artificial / ceramic

Root canal treatments

Removal of pressure points in the gum tissue, dental relining

Surgical procedures

A focus on gum disease

Tooth preparations

Fitting crowns and/or bridges as a temporary solution

Training for care staff

Instructions for booking one of our mobile dentists

Step 1: Entering into a partnership agreement with us, free of charge

If you are happy to proceed, we will enter into a partnership agreement within the meaning of Sections 119b (1) and 87 (2j) of the Code of Social Law V with you for delivering care services to insured persons in need of care at inpatient care facilities (Partnership agreement on dental and nursing care).

Step 2: Information for residents and/or guardians Step

3: Planning a visit We will work with you to draw up a list of caregivers, patients and medical history forms.

Step 4: Booking treatment dates

Make an appointment for a consultation!

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