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Professional teeth cleaning / dental hygiene

Our all-encompassing programme for keeping your teeth healthy is called Prophylaxis 360. At Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues in Kronberg, our dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants will take care of your teeth, gums, and our dentists will carry out check-ups and keep an eye on your appointments.

Prophylaxis is an area of expertise at our practice

Prophylactic treatments are an area of expertise at Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues’ dental practice in Kronberg. The dental health and general health of our patients is paramount, and subsequent damage should be avoided.

This has set us apart from our competitors for many years and is the reason why we are appreciated by our patients for the care and quality that we deliver, and for our sensitive and professionally qualified prophylaxis team. Our several certified dental hygienists and dental prophylaxis assistants look forward to assisting you.

Oral hygiene

We place particular emphasis on early detection, comprehensive diagnostics and raise patient awareness about oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is not only the cause of damage to the tooth structure, but also plays a major role in the health of our patients. Poor oral health leads to an increase in pathogenic bacterial flora in the oral cavity, creating a lack of balance in the system. Bacteria and the decay they produce can enter the body in a variety of ways and have a systemic influence.


As dentists, we are aware of our medical responsibility.

Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues’ prophylaxis method serves to ensure that you receive high-quality and comprehensive service.

We tell new patients about our professional teeth cleaning service during their first consultation at the practice.

Trust and transparency in prophylaxis

Trust and transparency

Your dentist will inform you about the results of their examination, available treatments, and the costs involved in undergoing such treatments. We will accompany you and advise you whenever you need it.

We have developed our very own organic prophylaxis for patients who place particular value on organic, vegan, and sustainable treatments.

Professional teeth cleaning

Healthy teeth for a lifetime

Nowadays, we can preserve teeth into old age thanks to targeted preventive care. Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are paramount for counteracting the most important diseases of the oral cavity, such as caries and gum disease. But these are not enough on their own. Stubborn deposits and bacterial coatings (plaque, biofilm) on hard-to-reach tooth surfaces will need to be cleaned by a hygienist, as part of a professional teeth cleaning procedure, at our dental practice.

Give the gift of a beautiful smile! Professional teeth cleaning is available as a gift voucher at our practice.

Professional teeth cleaning: intensive cleaning using specialist instruments

What purpose does professional teeth cleaning serve?

Professional teeth cleaning is an intensive cleaning service using special instruments, the aim of which is to remove all harmful or unsightly plaque on the surface of the tooth. This effectively prevents caries and gum disease while also improving the appearance of your teeth. Reducing the amount of bacteria present in your moth will also help to prevent or support the treatment of common medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases (COPD), gastrointestinal diseases, and even prevent premature births.

Professional teeth cleaning


A professional teeth cleaning treatment begins with a thorough examination of the oral cavity and the tooth system. We make a record of your general oral health as well as identify any existing plaque or bleeding gums. We will use information we collect on the type and extent of the plaque found (plaque indices) e.g. as a result of misaligned teeth or dentures, incipient or advanced gingival pockets, and determine the type of hygienist treatment you should receive.

We use a variety of equipment and instruments in our professional teeth cleaning procedures. We can remove plaque from the tooth, the accessible part of the root surface as well as interdental spaces using sonic vibrations, an air polishing spray, and handheld instruments. Any protruding crowns or fillings will also need to removed and polished.

Polishing will remove any remaining rough spots. The result is a shiny and smooth tooth surface, on which plaque will struggle to form.

We also give our patients important tips on how to improve their hygiene regime at home during their appointment with the hygienist. This includes advice on how to use toothbrushes correctly, on using dental floss and/or interdental brushes, and, where applicable, using a tongue cleaner and fluorides at home.

The length of your hygienist appointment will be determined by the number of teeth that need to be treated, the amount of plaque that has formed on them and the type of equipment and instruments to be used. This usually takes around an hour for adult appointments.

Prophylaxis: It is common to attend appointments every six months


The duration and frequency of the PZR strongly depend on the individual plaque situation and the previously determined risk of disease with regard to caries and periodontitis.

If your risk of caries or gum disease is low and your risk of hard/soft plaque is low, you should not need to visit the hygienist more than twice a year. However, you may it prove useful or necessary for you to attend appointments more frequently if you suffer with existing gingival pockets, have poor oral hygiene, or your teeth have a tendency to form hard, mineralised deposits or discolour easily.

You may also need to visit the hygienist more frequently if you suffer with a common condition like diabetes, need to take medication regularly or suffer from stress as these can all affect your oral health.

Your dentist will tell you how frequently you should visit the hygienist depending on the level of risk and individual needs. The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and working properly in the long term is to look after your teeth and visit the dentist/hygienist regularly.

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