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Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues even rely on state-of-the-art products when it comes to sedating patients using laughing gas. We use devices developed by Baldus in Koblenz. The company, which has won several innovation prizes, provides the current gold standard in laughing gas sedation. Safe and gentle.

Receiving laughing gas at the dentist

Do you want to feel comfortable and relax while you are receiving dental treatment? How does that sound? Great!

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas (N20) is the most common sedative used by dental practices around the world and is valued by the medical practitioners and their teams that use them as the safest and most efficient means of minimal sedation.

How does laughing gas work?

By inhaling laughing gas, patients experience:

  • A blissful, inner peace
  • A pleasant feeling of heaviness
  • A slight sensation of warmth
  • This minimises sensitivity to pain
  • and mitigates negative childhood experiences.
  • The treatment goes by quickly.
  • Patients are still conscious and responsive.

Laughing gas is a comfortable and relaxing treatment which is not just offered to anxious patients and children. Laughing gas also puts patients who start to feel uneasy during treatment at ease. Nitrous oxide also reduces any form of gag reflex and other unpleasant sensations experienced during treatment. Meaning that the patient will respond well even to longer treatments. There are very few age or illness-related restrictions which prevent dentists using laughing gas to sedate patients.

How safe is laughing gas?

Dental sedation using nitrous oxide is a very safe method which has been common in many countries for a long time. Indeed, most dental practices in the US use nitrous oxide as standard. Nitrous oxide has been used to successfully sedate patients for a long time, and millions of patients are sedated with nitrous oxide each year without any complications.

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