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It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old: Orthodontic treatments correct misaligned teeth and malpositioned jaws. It is not just a case of straightening teeth for the sake of appearance, it’s also about preserving or restoring aspects of the oral cavity that are important to good dental health.

Why is it sensible and important to have orthodontic treatment?


Nice, healthy teeth are not just important to aesthetics, they also improve our self-esteem and allow us to shine.

Straight teeth are easier to clean than misaligned teeth. Having straight teeth reduces the likelihood of caries and allows us to maintain our teeth for longer.

When patients’ jaws achieve the proper occlusion and are aligned in the jawbone, the jaw is subject to the correct weight and the risk of overloading and loosening is reduced.

In most cases, treatment will improve your ability to breathe through your nose or prevent you breathing through your mouth. There are fewer cases of infection in the upper respiratory tract and fewer cases of snoring, too.

Correcting a malocclusion often relieves strain on the mandibular joint or corrects its posture.

What dental correction treatments do we provide?

Fixed brackets

Children and adult patients can access orthodontic treatments at our practice.

We will create a treatment plan for each patient which is specific to their needs and combines the necessary treatment steps with their wishes and what can feasibly be achieved. We consider this to be a very important step and we put a lot of time and energy into perfecting this.

We treat patients using

  • Removable braces
  • Fixed brackets, including highly aesthetic ones made from ceramic
  • Invisalign – retainers

Removable braces

Girl with removable braces

Removable braces are often used when starting orthodontic treatment in children who still have their milk teeth. These braces perform a variety of tasks and help to prepare the jaw for fixed braces (brackets) further down the line. We can make space in the oral cavity and correct conditions caused by a malpositioned jaw, such as an underbite, by expanding the jaw.

Fixed brackets

Man with fixed brackets

A fixed brace, also known as a as a multiband or brackets, is used once all your permanent teeth have come through. These help to rotate, tilt and move teeth to another position within the mouth. Patients may also undergo further treatments to correct malpositioned jaws.

As it is not possible to remove these braces, treatment cannot be interrupted and teeth are aligned without the patient needing to do anything.

You must make sure to look after your teeth when you have fixed braces to prevent the development of caries and gingivitis. Our trained practice staff will support patients of all ages in this by providing them with a particularly intensive and regular course of prophylaxis treatment.

We offer two types of fixed braces:

  • Miniature brackets made from steel
  • Miniature, almost invisible brackets made from ceramic

Invisalign: the invisible brace

Transparent braces

Invisalign is a virtually invisible brace. In the meantime(?), this system has helped millions of people to achieve straight teeth. Unlike fixed braces, you can take Invisalign retainers out of your mouth at any time. Invisalign will not “disrupt” your life. Young people and teenagers, in particular, appreciate the aestethic advantages. Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues have been an Invisalign Gold Partner for many years. We would be happy to advise you.

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