2D/3D x-rays
with Dentsply Sirona Orthophos SL 3D

Our practice is well prepared for a wide variety of treatments with the Orthophos SL.

Thanks to technological innovations, the Orthophos SL meets even the highest demands for 2D image quality and produces panoramic images with an unparallelled degree of sharpness.

Groundbreaking 2D panoramic images for efficient diagnoses

Revolutionary DCS technology produces unparalleled image clarity by converting x-rays directly into electrical signals, eliminating signal loss.

All teeth are automatically displayed in sharp focus

2D/3D x-rays

Orthophos SL / S equipment focuses automatically and perfectly on all areas of the jaw. The equipment is fully-automated and you do not need to set it up manually before you can use it. The result is maximum image sharpness.

Automatic positioning aids make you feel comfortable

The new EasyPad, patented bite block guide, comfortable 3-point head fixation: we do everything to treat you quickly and safely.

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in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
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