PRGF® procedure
Plasma Rich Growth Factor

We rely on PRGF® ENDORET® to regenerate dental tissue using platelet-rich plasma technologies at our practice for holistic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. The procedure has been researched and developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute for more than 15 years and is recognised by the scientific community. Approx. 700,000 patients in over 20 countries around the world have been treated using PRGF® ENDORET®.

How does PRGF® ENDORET® work?

The body releases certain protein compounds that initiate the healing process after every injury or operation. This biological mechanism is very complex and is also used in PRGF® technology.

PRGF® stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. Certain stimulating proteins are extracted from the patient's own blood during this procedure and these help to accelerate the rate at which wounds heal.

A small amount of venous blood is taken from the patient before surgery. This is then put into a centrifuge so that the proteins that accelerate growth can be separated from the blood plasma. These PRGFs are attached to the wound during the procedure.

PRGF® technology in dentistry

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Platelet-rich technology has been used to accelerate the rate at which wounds heal in surgical procedures for more than 15 years. It is also recognised by the scientific community and has appeared in numerous publications and international clinical trials.

PRGF® ENDORET® is becoming increasing important to dental surgery in light of rapidly advancing developments made in the field of oral implantology. The wounds surrounding implants heal at a far faster rate and bone formation is less complicated. The benefits are two-fold: it increases the success rate of implant treatments and also reduced the body’s recovery period.

Further treatment applications

PRGF® is also used to care for wounds after surgical tooth extractions (e.g. wisdom teeth), cystectomies, and complex root canal treatments. This procedure is now also being used in endodontics and periodontics as a result of positive impact it has had on the body’s healing process.

The advantages of PRGF technology

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  • Wounds heal quickly and dental tissue regenerates
  • Pain and swelling experienced after the procedure is reduced
  • Can be used in sinus lifts and bone crest expansions
  • Reduced risk of inflammation and wound infection following an operation
  • Greater success rate with implant restorations
  • Shorter recovery period for implants

Safety and guarantee

The patented PRGF®ENDORET® technology was developed in accordance with especially stringent protocols for all work steps: taking blood samples from patients, centrifuging, plasma fractionation, activation and application. The protocol guarantees that the final product obtained is of high quality and in perfect condition. All the components used by the dentist/oral surgeon have been specially developed by the Biotechnology Institute's (BTI) Research, Development and Innovation Department.

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