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Children’s­ dent­istry

Every child is wonderful and unique. They are open to new things, and their trust knows no bounds. The atmosphere we have created at our practice serves to handle this trust with care. After all, trust is the foundation on which all positive relationships are built. We will show our little patients that we are pleased to meet them and that we recognise their bravery and willingness to let us treat them.

Our team of dentists are trained in paediatric dentistry and provide preventative care and treatment for children with a great deal of empathy.

Range of treatments for children

We love children

The first we do is determine whether your child's teeth are healthy or whether they need treatment to repair diseased teeth. We may need to take digital x-rays to give you a more thorough diagnosis. Your child gets to know us and our practice better in a relaxed and friendly environment. The years of experience we have under our belts, which coincidentally are what underpins our tried and tested 4-point method, come in handy here:


A stress-free visit to the dentist with your child

Their first visit to the dentist


Children’s curiosity

Without a doubt, one of the nicest things that children can give us on a daily basis is their curiosity. Curiosity is also the key to them having their positive experience at the dentist.

Parents who manage to pique their children’s curiosity are more likely to have a stress-free visit to the dentist with their child.


At the centre of the action

Your child should be at the centre of the action when visiting the dentist

Gentle dentistry following the Dr. Astrid Baumsteiger method

We can wholeheartedly say that we look forward to treating every child. Children enrich our lives. Not only does your child discover something new, but we also benefit from having new, wonderful experiences on a daily basis. In this way, we accept each little patient with his or her own behaviour and peculiarities. This results in our attitude towards the children – as practitioners we take ourselves completely back, we are neither demanding nor demanding. Your child is at the centre of the action when they visit our practice. We adjust to his ability to engage in the treatment.



Gentle treatments are underpinned by trust

Gentle treatments are underpinned by trust

Some children take to dental procedures like a duck to water, whereas others need much more time to build trust. And so we are happy about every little step the child takes into this new world.

Children develop at their own rate. We are prepared for this: with a lot of patience and human attention.


Getting the job done in a playful way

Laughter instead of tears when visiting the dentist

Laughter instead of tears

Our many years of experience have taught us that the best way to deliver dental services to children is to make them feel at ease and get them feeling excited about their next appointment.


Digital x-rays

In the event that we need to take an x-ray, we will use the digital x-ray technique. The patient is exposed to lower levels of radiation with this technique and the image that is produced is of a higher quality. This means that your child is exposed to 90% less radiation compared to the classic, analogue technique. We can use a computer to enlarge images as well as rework them to show special structures. The benefit of this technique is that it uses no environmentally damaging chemicals, unlike the classic, analogue technique.


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