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Caries­ treatment

Managing caries using modern techniques helps to keep teeth healthy. Caries can be prevented by cleaning your teeth properly, undergoing prophylaxis treatments at the dentist, and a by cutting down sugar in your diet. Our tried-and-tested diagnostics method allows us to identify the initial stages of caries. The radiation free DIAGNOCam allows us to stop or delay drilling and check the work we are doing.


Identifying caries without x-rays.

Near-infrared transillumination using a DIAGNOcam

X-ray machines use radioactive rays to produce images. Our gentle answer to this is the DIAGNOcam. This camera shines a light on the teeth and helps us to accurately identify even the smallest holes in patients’ teeth. Without x-rays.


Contact-point caries

Contact-point caries

Drilling? No, thank you!

Caries between the teeth (contact-point caries, proximal caries) will only spread through the tooth in the permanent dentition at a slow rate. But don't be so quick to give patients the all-clear, as therein lies the pitfall. Previously, a drill would be used to remove any caries found between the teeth. Unfortunately, this would always result in the loss of healthy parts of the teeth (enamel and dentin). The revolutionary ICON procedure is a completely new method we are providing to patients, and is a method that has already proven its worth with a great deal of patients despite being so new. We use this method to stop incipient caries at an early stage without unnecessarily sacrificing any healthy parts of the tooth – it’s over and done with in one simple session, it’s painless and gently and doesn't require drills or injections.




White clay makes teeth shine

Caries is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Healthy teeth are more likely to develop caries if there are extensive holes in them. That is why we aim to repair all diseased teeth and, in so doing, reduce the risk of caries. We use an aesthetic composite filling to treat teeth such as these. These are invisible and provide the tooth with long-lasting protection.


Inlays made from ceramic

Inlays made from ceramic

The perfect way to care for your remaining teeth

If there are cavities in a patient’s adult teeth (these are teeth that are usually present in children from the age of 6), we will need to consider which treatment options would be most suitable. Our recommendation: permanent teeth should always be treated perfectly – regardless of the patient's age. That is why we also recommend treatments for children that use ceramic inlays. These are extremely durable – and often last for decades. Artificial fillings, however, only last for between 4 and 10 years. If you continue to treat the same tooth, it will become less and less healthy as time goes on. That is why we provide a sustainable restorative service in the form of our ceramic inlays to spare the health of patient's teeth.


Crowns for milk teeth

Pirates on board

Sometimes, the milk teeth are so damaged that modern filling materials having nothing to grip onto. We treat children’s teeth with dental crowns in such cases. The majority of children are very proud of these and will happily show them off at kindergarten or to their friends. We call these “pirate teeth” or “princess crowns” at our practice. These crowns will simply fall out like “normal” milk teeth when the child's adult teeth begin to come through.

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