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Pain-free treatment

Children in particular should not experience any pain when they are being treated. We have developed many very good and tried-and-tested methods for treating patients pain-free.


Local anaesthetic

Local anaesthetic

Your tooth goes to sleep!

Nowadays, virtually all treatments involve some sort of anaesthetic. The vast majority of children will not notice anything once we have applied a tasty pain gel ("sleepy jam") to the surface of the tooth.

Unlike adult teeth, the mucous membrane is not anaesthetised, so your child is spared that annoying sensation of numbness. Your child will be able to eat and drink immediately after treatment.


Laughing gas

Laughing gas

Magic gas makes everything easier!

The laughing gas will put your child into a relaxed state. They will no longer feel scared or anxious, and will be less sensitive to pain. Your child will remember the treatment as a positive experience thanks to the euphoric feelings produced by the anaesthetic. Children are given a nitrous oxide laughing gas solution which we administer with the help of a small, well-fitting respiratory mask. They will be completely conscious and responsive.

Nitrous oxide sedation is a very good alternative to anaesthesia when patients are anxious about receiving treatment but are not fundamentally opposed to it. After all, patients still need to be able to cooperate with their dentist when they are receiving a laughing gas sedative and follow any instructions given to them.



Dental treatments for children under general anaesthetic

… And when you wake up, all your teeth will be bright white again!

It may prove sensible or even necessary to put your child under general anaesthetic if they are still very small or if many of their teeth have been destroyed by caries. Before we proceed, we will provide parents with information and explain what we plan to do as part of a discussion with us and the anaesthetist. The anaesthetist may want to briefly examine the child beforehand. Our entire team is dedicated to making this treatment as comfortable as possible for both children and their parents. Professionalism and safety are of huge importance to us.

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