Dental services ­for elderly patients
Beautiful teeth whatever your age

As a fun-loving person in your prime, do you play sport, fall in love and want to do everything you can to enjoy these golden years for as long as possible? Do you keep fit and look after your health? Do you also give your teeth and gums the attention they deserve? After all, healthy and beautiful teeth contribute significantly to your overall health and give you that joie de vivre. It is important to look out for age-related oral health issues. That is why we have developed a special policy for treating elderly patients that will help you to maintain your beautiful smile for years to come.

Comfortable treatments – including at-home treatments

Mobile treatment unit

We provide a mobile treatment service to our elderly patients who are young at heart and want to take advantage of our high-tech dental service from the comfort of their own home. Our dentists will bring our mobile high-tech practice to your care home and provide you with all the same treatments, and to the same professional standard, as they would were they at our practice in Kronberg.

Maintaining beautiful teeth and a winning smile.

Our treatment spectrum for elderly patients:

Regular check-ups and advice

At Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues’ in Kronberg, our dentists take care of your regular check-ups, and also provide an appointment reminder service.

Professional teeth cleaning / prophylaxis

Our dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants care about the health of your teeth and gums. We tend to your teeth with a great deal of experience and passion. If desired, we can also remind you of your prophylaxis appointments.

Periodontitis treatments (gum disease treatments)

Untreated periodontitis (also known as gum disease) also presents a risk to your health – especially if you suffer with diabetes or cardiovascular disease. It is very easy to treat, and the costs are usually borne by both statutory and private health insurance providers.

Professional denture cleaning

We use a dental ultrasonic device to remove tartar, discolouration and rough spots from your dentures.

Tooth-coloured treatments for issues caused by tooth decay

Checking that your dentures are fit for purpose and durable

Dentures are fit for purpose when they fit your jaw well. Dentures are subject to wear and tear and may become impaired over time. We make sure that you are always well looked after.

We produce and repair dentures at our own dental lab

Do you dentures fall out or not fit properly? No problem, we can repair them quickly and easily at our dental lab. We will come to your home or care home to collect the dentures and normally return them to you the same day.

Pain-free treatment

Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful, white and healthy teeth are attractive. We provide a variety of treatments to meet your needs, e.g. teeth whitening (bleaching), veneers, implants, bridges and crowns.


Good advice is essential when you are missing teeth, looking to replace an existing bridge or looking to replace an entire row of teeth. Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues in Kronberg has the expertise to provide you with the advice you need. Patients with dentures may experience issues with the fit. Special implants help to give you a better fit. Implants usually make it possible for you to live your life without having a conventional “set of teeth”. Having plastic or metal in your mouth is now a thing of the past. You can chew with confidence, bite heartily into an apple or simply smile.

Avoiding typical age-related oral and dental diseases


Tooth discolouration

Like other parts of the body, teeth, your gums and jaw bones are subject to ageing. The appearance of teeth changes over time, and teeth no longer appear as white as they once did. We can help here with our bleaching, veneers or implant treatments. These procedures will put a bright, white smile bakc on your face.


Periodontitis (gum disease)

One of the most common oral infections is periodontitis (often referred to as gum disease). Gum disease can cause receding gums and even tooth loss. The solution: Professional gum disease treatment.


Dry mouth and halitosis

The mouth’s mucous membrane is also subject to change, reduced salivation and other causes alter the oral flora. If your mouth is too dry, this not not only creates problems when speaking, but also leads to bad breath and an increase in caries. The solution: personalised advice on how to prevent dryness using medicinal products / biological products.


Secondary caries

Poor oral hygiene between teeth, especially in patients with crowns and bridges, can often lead to secondary caries. This is the term used to describe a caries that can form beneath the crown all the way down to the root. You can also prevent this by having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

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