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Pain-free treatment

We will provide you with pain-free treatment. The possibilities are endless when it comes to providing pain-free treatment: from local anaesthetics and procedures with laughing gas through to general anaesthetic.

No fear of pain!

You need not be scared of pain when attending Dr. Baumstieger and Colleagues’ practice in Kronberg. We have developed a pain-free approach to dentistry which we have tried and tested thousand of times and which even allows very anxious patients to undergo dental procedures at our practice.

No fear of the dentist thanks to pain-free treatment

Local anaesthetic

Your tooth will go to sleep!

Nowadays, virtually all treatments involve some sort of anaesthetic. You will be given a delicious pain gel which we apply to the surface of the area to be worked on before we administer a local injection. The pain gel works so well that you might not even feel the needle.

Laughing gas

Magic gas makes everything easier!

Laughing gas puts you into a relaxed state. They will no longer feel scared or anxious, and will be less sensitive to pain. Your child will remember the treatment as a positive experience thanks to the euphoric feelings produced by the anaesthetic.

Children are given a laughing gas mixture which contains oxygen and which we administer with the help of a small, well-fitting respiratory mask. They will be completely conscious and responsive.

You will feel normal again as soon as your procedure is over.


… And when you wake up, everything will be fine again!

It sometimes makes sense or is essential to use a general anaesthetic before operating on patients, especially if we expect the procedure to be long, if we need to perform several tasks during the procedure, or if the patient is particularly anxious.

Before the procedure, you will have a conversation with us and the anaesthetist in which we clarify what we are going to do and provide you with information.

Our whole team works hard to deliver this service as pleasantly as possible.

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in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
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