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Organic / vegan prophylaxis

Clean and healthy teeth – in environmentally friendly and organic (vegan) way

Are you one of the 20-30 million people in Germany who suffer from allergies or intolerances to food or other substances? Do you have a chronic condition? Are you a vegan or vegetarian? An increasing number of people are returning to “natural” values. They want to avoid environmental toxins, stress, and poor nutrition and as such they make an active contribution to leading a healthy life. We have developed a special prevention programme just for you. Our certified dental hygienists and prophylaxis specialists at Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues’ practice in Kronberg would be happy to discuss this with you.

Organic prophylaxis for allergies and intolerances

Give the gift of a beautiful smile! Gift vouchers for our organic prophylaxis are available at our practice!

Organic prophylaxis is particularly suitable for:

  • Allergies
  • Children
  • Patients undergoing homoeopathic treatment
  • Elderly patients
  • People who are gluten or lactose intolerance
  • People for whom the use of organic products is important
  • All those who would like to try organic prophylaxis once

A healthy mucous membrane equals healthy teeth

Organic tooth cleaning: An organic and sustainable alternative

Dr. Astrid Baumstieger and Colleagues' organic tooth cleaning service is an organic and sustainable alternative to our usual professional tooth cleaning service. This allows us to focus on your individual needs and the condition of your mucous membranes. Our organic tooth cleaning service is a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and, if desired, vegan dental prophylaxis treatment.

Natural, biocompatible medicinal products

We only use natural, biocompatible medicinal products. Our products strengthen your oral mucosa. Meaning that you can efficiently protect yourself from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The natural ingredients have a stabilising and strengthening effect on the cells and care for and soothe the mucous membranes. We use the following for your benefit:

  1. Essential oils which are highly effective against harmful micro-organisms.
  2. Dental polishing pastes with natural ingredients
  3. Organic dental floss which is coated with either a gum balm or beeswax
  4. Lip balm containing Shea butter, Vitamin E and essential oils

All products and their ingredients have been certified, and are produced by our partner, Markt Apotheke Greiff (, in accordance with our recipe. These products have been developed exclusively for professional use in dental practices.

Our advice

Our organic prophylaxis is embedded in our holistic treatment service. This includes close cooperation with holistic doctors and non-medical practitioners. We would be happy to advise you using our own diagnostics and those of our colleagues (blood tests, Vitamin D levels, etc.). You will be given useful information about

  • The effect of minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • The uses of probiotics
  • Natural alternatives to fluoride, e.g. hydroxyapatite, green tea, etc.
  • The benefits of Aloe Vera for your oral mucosa
  • The antiseptic effect of Manuka honey
  • Oil pulling

Product ingredients

Polishing paste 1

  • Whitening chalk, coconut oil, xylitol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate. Essential oils, all grown organically Cultivation: yarrow, peppermint, lemon, manuka, lemongrass, coriander.

Polishing paste 2

  • Mud chalk, healing earth, xylitol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate. Essential oils, all grown organically Sage, peppermint, lemon, manuka, lemongrass, coriander.

Gum balm,

  • olive oil, black cumin oil, Shea butter, berry wax, alpha bisabolol. Essential oils, all grown organically Cinnamomum camphora, sage, spearmint.

Lip balm:

  • Almond oil, Shea butter, berry wax, candelilla wax, natural vitamin E, alpha bisabolol. Essential oils, all grown organically Cultivation: orange, benzoin, vanilla, tonka.

Organic prophylaxis: Gentle and safe


  1. Gentle organic and natural cleaning service without any chemical additives
  2. Proven to prevent the development of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis for a long time.
  3. Helps to increase the life of dentures and implants
  4. Protects teeth and gums
  5. Protects the mucous membrane against bacterial, viral and fungal infections -> strengthens the oral flora
  6. Stabilises and strengthens cells
  7. Excellent at preserving the structure of teeth
  8. Environmentally friendly

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