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Root canal ­treatment / endodontics

Success rates between 70 and 90% are convincing, and we are proud of the fact that we are often able to preserve diseased teeth with our special root canal treatments

The tooth nerve can die as a result of deep and extensive issues caused by caries or dental accidents. You may not necessarily experience any pain when this happens. Nerves will sometimes die quietly.

This calls for gentle and pain-free follow-up treatment!

Root canal treatment / endodontics

Root canal treatment is a technical and time-consuming procedure, and the dentist should be equipped with modern medical expertise and the necessary skills to do the job.

At our practice, Dr. Larissa Kissler and Katerina Mohr specialise in this type of treatment. We have attended numerous national and international further training courses to develop our expertise in this field, and have completed a curriculum with the Hessian State Chamber of Dentists.

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in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
in und um Kronberg im Taunus auf jameda
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