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Root canal­ treatment

A periapical abscess (inflamed tooth root) is very unpleasant for anyone suffering with one: persistent, throbbing toothache is a clear indicator that you may have such an abscess. The pain is accompanied by foul-smelling bad breath and a swollen cheek. You may have to undergo root canal treatment to preserve your tooth if previous endodontic treatment has failed to treat the inflammation.

Root canal treatment

Is root canal treatment the best way forward?*
The OroTox test gives you peace of mind

  • The test serves to help dental staff decide whether a root-treated tooth needs to be extracted or rehabilitated and crowned – even when your x-rays show no changes.
  • The test allows patients to keep their teeth without fear of bacteria or the toxins they produce spreading around the body.
  • The test will confirm whether
    any dead and/or root-treated teeth are releasing any toxins that could damage nerves or block vital enzymes.
  • The test will confirm whether
    there any bacteria is present in the gingival pockets that may damage other organs.

* Cf. Orotox

Gentle root canal treatments – no pain, plenty of gain

Gentle root canal treatments – no pain, plenty of gain

Patients are given a local anaesthetic for this procedure. Other more analgesic / soothing procedures are available where desired. We will not start the procedure until the anaesthetic has taken effect and you can no longer feel any pain. You may experience some pressure while treatment is under way when we remove the abscess and get rid of any necrotic tissue we find on the jawbone. You will normally not experience any pain following the procedure, although you may experience a slight throbbing sensation which will subside after approx. 24 hours.

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